105 WEST LINCOLN STREET originally started out as stables for the iconic Presidio County courthouse in the 1890s. A central residence was later built in the yard, and the surrounding structures converted into casitas in the 1920s. The property operated as apartments for almost a century, taking on numerous remodels and ultimately falling into disrepair. It was fully updated by the current owners between 2015 and 2017.

THE 105 LINCOLN is now a courtyard-compound consisting of long-term housing and hotel suites (one of them a bomb shelter added in the 1950s). Each of the eclectic suites has been lovingly restored with respect to the history of the building and Marfa-inspired custom details. No two spaces on the property are alike.


CLARK & ADAM (the owners)

Texas-native Clark Childers was on a soul-searching mission when he moved to Marfa in 2013 to work on the local film festival. When he returned to Los Angeles, Clark had a hard time shaking his attraction to far-West Texas. When he met Adam Walton from New England, the two of them clicked. During a visit to Marfa, they took notice of an abandoned compound on the courthouse square and decided to stick around. It took over two years (and a lot of elbow grease) but they got it done. In more ways than one, 105 Lincoln was a leap of faith and a labor of love.

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Local Marfans Becky and Rowdy handle all communication with guests and any on-site needs they may have. We couldn’t ask for a better couple to have our backs. If you need anything during your stay, Becky will be your main point of contact.

Watch the video below to SEE 105 LINCOLN before the restoration!

October 23, 2015 in Marfa, Texas