Carolyn Macartney

@CMACPIX | http://cmacpictures.com

Carolyn Macartney’s artistic background is in painting, photography and filmmaking.  Her most recent passion is sign painting.  Macartney received her BA in Art from Smith College, spending her junior year in London studying painting at Camberwell Art College.  With the support of a DAAD scholarship she studied painting at the Hochscule der Künste in Berlin, Germany.  She attained her MFA in Filmmaking from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Macartney’s award-winning photographs have been published and exhibited in the US and Europe.  Her films have won awards at Ann Arbor Film Festival and Durango Independent Film Festival among others, and have enjoyed festival and invitational screenings around the world.  She has fourteen years of professional experience as a Director of Photography, having shot four feature length narrative films as well as numerous music videos, commercials, short films and documentaries.  Now a resident of West Texas, her hand lettered signs can be seen adorning façades in Marfa, Alpine and Fort Davis.




Jeffrey Hester arrived in Marfa in 2016, after working as a professional in advertising and design for over a decade. He was coincidentally the first long-term tenant at The 105 Lincoln.

Jeffrey is known locally for his oil paintings depicting scenes and landscapes of the region (not to mention his incredible energy and lovable personality). Some of his pieces are on display — and available for purchase — at Ranch Candy on Highland Avenue.

Jeffrey is also owner-operator of Range Finder West Texas, a localized expedition company providing a peek into the “wild side” of West Texas.


LéAna Clifton, b. Pretoria, South Africa, 1971


Self-taught, LéAna's career as an artist spans over two decades. Born with dyslexia, LéAna was exposed to art and photography at a young age by her father, an avid photographer. Through photography she discovered a portal through which to view and reflect the world around her on her own terms. The camera became her communicator and her escape.

In recent years her work has moved to more fully reject the photographic tradition of simply capturing an instant in time with long, single exposures. Her imagery has become abstract, using the camera to 'paint' with light and color across the visual plane. By merely ‘sampling’ the real world, LéAna takes the everyday, mundane and sometimes ugly, and transforms it into pure beauty.

Most Recent Show: Marfa Cloud Series (Oct. 2017):
This body of work was photographed by LéAna Clifton in Marfa, TX during the summer of 2017. These abstract images are derived from the long trains of shipping containers that wind through the West Texas desert. All single exposures. This work is enhanced by the predestine natural light and sky of the high-desert along with long exposure photography techniques.


The chromographic photographic print (archival) is back-mounted on polished lucite. These 3 series are open editions, with limited edition archival paper prints available.

Available sizes are: 10"x14"; 16"x24"; 24" x 36" and 40"x60".
Price range is $375-2500. Delivery in about 3 weeks.
Studio tours available by appointment: 512.695.3168




Shea is a painter based in Savannah, New York, and Marfa.

“I am interested in moments of clarity: those specific instances when I don’t know if I am dreaming or wide awake. When communication is easy and I can see pathways into the future. I find truth in the ritual of incorporating pigment into oil and like a scientist, tend to get very involved with alchemy and palette. The paintings that develop are not happy accidents. They are calculated tests on the boundaries of control.”




Brien Lautman has long been compelled by the light, lines and expanse of the Western U.S. high desert. For nearly 30 years, he has been working exclusively with Polaroid instant and B&W 35mm film to document the people and places of the West. By design, Brien often chooses a soft focus for his Polaroid work, which elicits singular colors and an intentional ambiguity regarding subject and space.

His limited-edition work is produced through a large-format giclee print method on archival papers. Original Polaroid images are reproduced in large format with a 4X5 camera outfitted with a Betterlight digital scan back, and the finest Schneider lenses. This generates a custom color or B&W profile, ensuring consistent tonal and color fidelity.