We loved staying at 105 Lincoln! We’ve stayed at almost all the hotels in Marfa, and this is by far our favorite stay. Do yourself a favor and do Marfa the right way.
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Under the shade of three crepe myrtle trees, Unit 2 shares a porch with views of the square, and comes with a full bathroom, kitchen, ample storage, and natural light from an interior atrium.


number 3

Number 3 is our personal home when we are in Marfa, and by far the largest unit, with two bedrooms, a fully-appointed kitchen and bathroom, washer/dryer, and brick fireplace.

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Unit 5 provides a large, bright living space with a separate kitchen, and a porch centered on the front courtyard and pétanque court.

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number 6

Unit 6 gives you central access to both courtyards, featuring original built-ins, a mix of hardwood and concrete floors, and a shiplap ceiling.

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Unit 7 comes with a separate bedroom, high ceilings, beautiful concrete floors, and lots of light. Enjoy the privacy of this spacious detached casita featuring stunning artwork by local artist LeAna Clifton (see our featured artists page).

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number 9

Originally built in the 1950s, this is the only vintage Bomb Shelter available on AirBnB, equipped with everything you need to survive fallout. The Bomb Shelter is so comfortable, you might never want to return to the surface.

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Redesigned in 2006 by a local architect, Unit 10 is the only papercrete structure in Marfa. Equipped with a full kitchen, steel countertops, wood accents, and a large private porch, it is one of the most architecturally distinctive units on the property.

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The Airstream

This 30-foot special edition Airstream sits on the edge of town, offering some of the best star visibility in the Marfa limits. For more of a "glamping" experience, the Airstream offers many comforts other trailers don't: great WiFi, two cable TVs, and a functional kitchen - all surrounded by stunning landscapes and endless skies.